“I have very sensitive skin. To me it feels like someone is tearing my skin when I am getting a tattoo. I have been told by a couple artist that I move around alot during the session because of the pain. When I use Bite Me Mouthguard I am able to sit still through the entire session.   HUGE difference using the mouthguard!!”

Victoria – Redondo Beach, CA

“I had a couple of tattoos that I wanted to cover up. I have tried 3 different times in the past to do the one on my chest and had to stop because it hurt so bad. With Bite Me Mouthguard I was able to complete the chest tattoo and was able to get my ankle tattoo done on the same day.     I am a believer!!”

                                                                                                     Tesha – Lake Elsinore, CA



“I had a huge back piece cover up. Funny story….I thought I had lost my mouthguard during the session and started to freak out a little. Fortunately, I found it on the floor. Boy, was I relieved to find it and was able to sit for the next 3 hours of my session. I will NOT get a tattoo without my Bite Me Mouthguard. Straight Up!!!”

Dan – Huntington Beach, CA