Bite Guard

Individuals / $6 ¬† –¬† Case of 20 / $100

Buy 2 cases or more and receive $10.00 off each case.

(taxes are included in the price)


 Features and Benefits

We use FDA approved material for our Teeth Guards. Our teeth Guard is made out of top quality material. Slots on both sides for front upper and lower teeth. Absorbs the force of clenching. Designed, tested and approved for the perfect fit. One size fits all, no heating necessary, ready to use. Individuals can reuse for multiple sessions. Very durable, comfortable and soft material for easy use.



This is to certify that this material was made in strict accordance with the noted specifications: This material was made with FDA ingredients per CFR 21. Expected shelf life 20 years per guidelines of Mil-HDBK-695E